My parents were watching the tv a week or so ago, while I was sat on the sofa going through a photoshoot I’d done earlier that day. I wasn’t watching the programme and had little idea what was going on but when I heard Paloma Faith’s ‘Do you want the truth or something beautiful?’ I looked up and was met with this beautiful scene. I’m not much for watching the tv, there are very few shows I keep up with and even then I either watch them online or wait for them to come out on dvd. Saying that though, the tv at home is often on when I’m in the living room so while I don’t actively watch it, I do see it. This scene, without a doubt, is the most inspiring and beautiful scene I’ve ever seen. It makes me wish that I had the talent to film things like this and will no doubt inspire a photoshoot in the not-too-distant future (I hope). Without even watching the rest of the show I’m gleaning a story from it and it’s powerful - even without the context. It’s simple but beautiful. I love finding little gems like this. I love it even more when they end up on youtube and I can watch them over and over and form my own pretty little ideas.

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